Read Most Frequent Questions

How Long have you been in business?
The journey of Infinixsys Pvt. Ltd. began in 2012 with a vision to support businesses reach their financial and branding goals through digital marketing services. There onwards, we have been continuously growing and expanding our horizons.
Why should we trust you?
Since our inception a decade ago, we are proudly helping businesses in various fields overcome digital marketing hurdles. We have covered many industries during these years and gained expertise by overcoming unique challenges and heading for successful results. Serving our clients for more than a decade now has complete market knowledge and access to worthy resources that make us stand apart from our fellow competitors. Thus, the overall experience allows us to add significant value to the projects.
What are your payment terms?
We charge 100 % advance for our Digital Marketing Services which include SEO, SMO, Google ads and so on. For other Services like mobile app development, website design & development, graphic design we charge 50 % advance payment and the rest of the payment is to be paid on project completion.
How do we make our payment to Infinixsys?
We accept all major valid sources of payment like UPI / Net Banking / Cheque. The payments are accepted in Indian Rupees only.
How do I maintain my website?
We certainly assist you with this as well. You can contact our team if you wish to make any updates to your website like adding content. Further maintenance activities like renewal dates, expiry are communicated to you well in time so that you don’t miss the deadlines.
Do we need to meet in person?
No, meeting in person is not necessary. Just give us a call or contact us via an email and share your requirements and we are good to go. However if you wish to meet us or our team, please not that face to face meetings are subject to prior appointments and it is advisable to you speak to representatives on +91 95403 30855 and book an appointment in advance so that we can make sure that the concerned person is available to meet you and answer all your queries.
I'm in another country, can you still work for us?
Yes, boundaries do not stop us from offering you our service and practically everything is possible in today’s time with the help of digitization. With effective communication and with our dedicated staff, we can easily manage any opportunity that you give us to serve you irrespective of the time zone differences. With technology to the rescue, we can make things work no matter which part of the world we are sitting in right now.
Will I have ownership of my Website?
Ofcourse, Yes. We believe in complete transparency and thus all the login credentials for your website shall be shared with you. The website bookings can also be done under your name, if you desire so.
What is the difference between static & Dynamic design?
Static websites consist of a fixed number of pre-designed web pages containing hardcoded, fixed content and structure. These kinds of websites are not linked with any kind of database and are used only for a limited web presence. As a result, users see the same content regardless of who they are, where they’re from, and which browser they’re using. In simple language Sites that don’t change much or can display the same pages to each user such as company websites belong to this category. Dynamic websites on the other hand generate pages in real-time. The flexibility of the content and structure makes it possible to customize what a user experiences based on their request or the browser they use. These require regular updating of data to generate real-time HTML pages constructed to fulfill individual user requests. These contain interactive, continually changing elements based on the actions taken by a user. They provide more website functionality and enable user interaction and let you request and store information in an organized way. These include Sites where users can log in and access their unique profile, such as ecommerce and social media sites, which may be dynamic.
Is Infinixsys Free?
All good things come at a price, so do we. But fret not, we are not here to just prick a hole in your pocket rather we ensure return on your investment with our practical & result-oriented strategies.