infinixsys Refund Policy

At Infinixsys, our Refund Policy is based on standardised practices that are based on industrial norms. We put up with fair assessment practices and all refund claims are processed with vigilant parameters to make sure that the decisions are well justified and mutually agreeable from both the parties. Our policies are handled with the proper steps to resolve various claims that result from varied needs and business circumstances

The terms hereby shall constitute Infinixsys Private Limited's cancellation and refund policy in relation to the solutions rendered on the website.

Cancellation and Refund Policy by the Company

Please note there may be creating projects that we can be unable to accept and must cancel. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel or refuse any project for any reason, without any claims or liability to pay compensation or interest in the amount paid while getting the particular service.

Some situations that can cause the cancellation of your project include but are not limited to inaccuracies or errors in Solutions or pricing information, technical problems or problems identified in relation to credit or debit fraud. Also, we may require some additional verification documents or information to accept your project.

We make sure to make you aware of the cancellation of all or any portion or if any additional information is required to accept your order.

However, if your order is canceled by the company after you have paid the charges, the paid amount will be refunded to your debit or credit account.

Cancellation by You

You accept and agree that, unless otherwise specified, you have no right to cancel any orders you place on our website. If you subscribe to any solutions, you may cancel that subscription one week before the solutions are delivered. In that instance, you will receive a refund of your subscription fee after deducting any bank charges that may have been applicable. However, it might take a time of 5 working days after taking out losses into consideration.

Further, if you request a cancellation within the period of 7 days and one month, we may refund 50% of the paid amount after deducting any bank charges that may have been applicable.

Moreover, if you plan to cancel the subscription 2 weeks before the delivery deadline, the cancel request will not be entertained by the company.

When You Can Qualify for Refunds?

When you ask for cancellation, we first try to provide you with an ideal solution to solve the issue you are facing. Our technical panel will go through with it and provide a report to the expert panel. Refunds can only be made in extreme circumstances, when no good solution can be found to solve the issue.

Before we process a refund, we make sure that we check soundness and validity of the case, and if it falls in any of the following situations:

The post-sales operations are delayed.

The issues with the project are beyond the scope of fixing, resolution, or rectification.

You have perfectly followed our payment terms.

You have not used any information for monetary or business benefits.

The reasons you made are rational, logical, and realistic enough to confirm a refund trial.

You should present all proofs and evidence surfacing your refund claims.

You should be able to demonstrate his or her innovative UI design and development skills, understanding what makes a mobile app addictive and appealing.

The claim does not come from any billing dispute from your bank or payment vendor.

Please read our Refund Policy carefully and fully understand it before making a payment. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our policies.